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Barketing websites just got more customizable! When purchasing a website with Barketing Solutions, you will be asked to select the pages you would like and which layout you would like for each page!

New Layouts Added to Library December 2023

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Fill out our information form to request a quote and send us more details about your needs. We will then create a custom estimate for your project based on your needs. Websites start at $1050USD + monthly plan and depend on condition like size of website, design, and content writign/refinement needs.

When ready to get started, 50% of total is due on signup and the other 50% and monthly plan will be due once the website goes live. 

Step 2

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email from us with a Google Drive folder and spreadsheet to select your layout(s) from this library, upload content, templates to input content (if applicable), and complete discovery questions and other forms depending on your project plan. 

Pro Tip: If selecting layouts, use two screens, one with the template and one with the layout library. We only need clients to select a homepage (can be mix and match) but you can also select layouts for all pages. 

Step 3

Once we receive all of content, you can sit back and relax until the first draft of yoru customized website is ready for your review! 

Once the first draft is completed, we will send you the link to review and you will then be able to send us any revisions you would like applied. 

Step 4

Once you are happy with the website, we will complete mobile optimization, then get the site ready to go live! Your current website will remain active until the new website is complete. 

Barketing Layout Library

Homepages Layouts

Select from many professional layout for your homepage! Want an even more custom look? use your customization time to give it that unique look!

Service Page Layouts

Choose a layout to display your services. We have different choices for different types of business like sitters/walkers to groomer/trainers to kennel/daycare facilities.

Ind. Service Page Layouts

Want to take that next step to better optimize your site for SEO? These individual service pages, with the right content, can help you climb the ranks for those services in your area.

About Us Page Layouts

Choose from one of our about us layouts to showcase your skills and experience! This is also a great way for new clients to learn about staff people the meet & greet!

FAQ/Policies Page Layout

Help you clients out by selecting an FAQ/Policies layout. This is a great way to weed those people who are not your target audience and help others get signed up faster.

Service Area Page Layouts

This is a must page if you run a service area business like a dog walker or pet sitter. These pages help Google understand your location – adding lots of local content in recommended!

Footer Layouts

Add further customization to your website by choosing one of our footers! This info packed element is a quick highlight of your business and can help improve user-experience and SEO.

404 Page Layouts

Oops! Is someone lands on a broken page, you can choose from one of our 404 layouts to help guide them back to your homepage.

Header/Navigation Layouts

Our many nav options now give you more freedom to customize your website. Select from one of our layouts to help your visitors navigate your website!

Contact Us Page Layouts

One of the most importnat pages on your website! It is important that this page is packed with information and easy for a potential client to contact you by form, email or phone!

Blog Page Layouts

We know how important it is to produce consistent website content. Choose a layout to display your local, educational blog articles for potential clients!

Individual Blog Post Layouts

You have invested in blogging! Yay! Now, it is important that your blog is well formatted for a pleasurable reading experience. Select one of our professional layouts to wow your readers.

Button Styles

Our layouts have different buttons and you may think – they don’t match! This is why you are able to select the button style you would like and that will be applied globally to your website!

Header For Secondary Page Layouts

Add some personality to all of your pages by selecting the header styling and photos. Bonus if you have professional photography to add to each page header! 

Homepage Testimonial Slider

We aren’t big fans of testimonial pages in 2020, but we are a fan of sprinkling testimonials on all pages throughout your site! Select a layout for your homepage + the rest of the pages.

Reviews Page Layouts

If you have reviews that you would like to list on your website, you can select one of these layouts. Most potential clients will check for reviews on 3rd party sites, but you may choose to list others on your website as well. 

Call-To-Action (CTA) Styles

You need to tell your potential clients what you want them to do. (and make it easy) Select a CTA so your clients can easily, book a reservations or meet & greet on every page!

Employment Page Layouts

If you are constantly hiring – these page layouts will help potential candidates learn about your open positions and easily apply.

landing pages

Landing Page Layouts

A Landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is distinct from your homepage and other pages with one single focus. Landing pages are a great way to get potential customers into all stages of your sales funnel by exchanging contact information for an offer.


Extra website elements that are available add-ons for Standard, Premium and Custom Plan websites!

Book Now Layouts

Book Now Layouts

This can be used as a portal page if you don’t want to send clients directly to your software or want to add more instructions.